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Cleaning the electronics - I

Tue Aug 11 2020

We are still very much in the de-constructing phase. Back when we removed the shelf, we disconnected a lot of additional LEDs that the previous owner installed. That led to many useless cables that we had to track down and remove - the only extra piece of electronics we wanted to keep was the rear camera.

All cables added by the previous owner lead to beneath the driver seat. Although functional, it was a real mess down there.

Initial electrical messInitial electrical mess

This is not my field of expertise but it looks to me like the equivalent of bad, unreadable code. After disconnecting the battery, I removed all the cables aside from those used for the rear camera. On the positive side, that makes quite a lot of wires and wagos that we'll be able to reuse for our own electronics once we buy an auxiliary battery.

Removed electronicsRemoved electronics

Sadly, even the rear camera circuit alone is quite a mess. There are too many hops, the fuses are directly mounted on the cables and it all look very floppy.

Original rear camera circuitOriginal rear camera circuit

In the coming days I'll rewire this circuit to clean it up. To do this, I have bought some tools, as my mother's home was not so equipped for everything that concerns electronics. A new electric drill and a set of torx will also be quite helpful.

Old analog multimeterOld analog multimeter

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