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The van is registered

Thu Sep 03 2020

Finally, after over 30 days, the French administration has finished processing the paperwork and the van is now imported! This is great news, since we were somewhat stuck without this registration.

Riveted immatriculation plateRiveted immatriculation plate

On one side, since our exportation plate expired, we were not allowed to drive the van anymore (and it was not insured either, so it was parked in private space). This prevented us to bring the van to a garrage to fix the holes in the floor, so we could not build the insulation. On the other side, we were not sure if the French administration would have required from us an additional technical inspection, so we did not want to cut into the body of the van to add the roof window just yet. Therefore, in the last 20 days, we have spent our time on auxiliary tasks: sourcing material, learning and building independant pieces of furniture. We can now start with the more involved tasks.

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